Pediatric dentistry is a specialist field in dentistry. Once a dentist has graduated dental college, those who wish to purse a specialty such as pediatrics will go on for a further two or three years where they study the unique needs of children, all the way from infants to children in their late teens. There are differences between the oral cavity between a mature adult and a growing child, a dentist for children on Billings MT knows this and treats the teeth, gums and jaw of the young patient accordingly. They have all the skills of a family dentist plus they are trained in performing treatments in such a way that they are less of a trauma for kids.

A pediatric dentist on Billings MT knows the difficulty a youngster has in sitting still for any length of time and they understand that visiting the dentist, especially for the first time can be scary. The pediatric dentist is schooled in ways and means to combat the fidgeting and the fear to make the dental visit a pleasure for the child as well as the parent and the dentist. Normally the treatment room that is used for children is “kid size” with smaller treatment chairs and a light source that does not shine into the child’s eyes. Many dentists will wait the few extra minutes that it takes for the child to ask questions about what is going to happen and to look at the tools the dentist will use, anything to calm the child and remove the element of fear.

By the time a child starts cutting their first teeth the parents should be thinking of the first visit to the dentist. Many parents will start when their child is only one year old but others wait until there are a goodly number of teeth that have erupted. Once the routine has started, the child should return every six months.

The pediatric dentist of course cleans the child’s teeth and performs routine work if there is evidence of decay. Over and above this the dentist will work with the child and parents to develop a habit of good oral hygiene, a habit that will stay with the patient for life. The children’s dentist can also advise the parent on how to wean the child from a soother or thumb sucking, neither of which is good for developing teeth.

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