Now more than ever, the real estate industry has been enjoying some boom. You know what they say, there has to be some chaos where people come together. That’s where the real estate laws come in. So, what are they and what exactly do these real estate laws Santa Barbara, CA, cover?

What is real estate law?

Basically, any law or rule that defines who, when and how you can use a certain piece of property falls under real estate laws in Santa Barbara, CA. Law has been known to bring order for centuries now. Real estate law ensures there’s order and peace when involving real estate property. Let’s take a look at a few of these areas that the real estate law cover.

Buying and selling of a house

Real estate laws in Santa Barbara, CA, guide you through the rules of residential property purchases and sales. It protects the buyers from unscrupulous home sellers as well as protecting the environment from any buyer who aims at making damaging alterations.


Disputes on property ownership are quite common. Real estate law provides the necessary guidance in settling the code violations and disputes.

Land use

Real estate laws are responsible for zoning properties for either industrial, commercial or residential use.

Property taxes

How much should a homeowner pay for taxes for property owned? Real estate laws will determine that.

As seen above, real estate laws are important in bringing order. If you would like to know more about these laws, reach us through our contact information provided on our website domain.