If you have trees on your property, you might need to have them removed for many different reasons. If the tree has grown too large or if it has died, it can become a danger to you and your home. A tree that is too large, especially a dead one, can be a danger because a strong wind can blow it over. This means that it can fall onto your house, your car, or someone in your yard. Even the branches of a large tree can be a danger. Furthermore, you might want a tree removed so that you can landscape your yard differently. If you want to plant a garden or just have a yard for your children to play in, you might need to remove a tree. However, removing a tree is only step one. You then need stump removal; stump grinding is the most common type of stump removal.

Stump Removal

A stump is actually more difficult to remove than the tree itself in many cases. Trees that grow for a long time tend to develop very large and very resilient root systems. The roots are basically long branches that reach deep into the ground. To remove them, you’ll need stump grinding in Carmel, IN. The other option is possibly stump pulling, but that is even more involved.

You should contact us if you need to grind a stump. Grinding a stump is exactly what it sounds to be. A professional will come out to your house and grind the stump until it is below the ground level.

Grinding a Stump

Stump grinding involves essentially sanding down a stump until it is below the ground level. Then, it can be covered over with soil or sod; alternately, the sawdust can be left in place and grass will eventually grow over it. It is a great way to reclaim your yard.