In 2005, Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources released a report focusing on earwigs on the islands. Researchers found there were then nine distinct species of earwigs endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, although only one was actually native to them.

At that time, the entomologists who carried out the study concluded that none of these were much of a threat or should be considered a significant nuisance. Since then, problems with earwigs in Hawaii have become a lot more common, particularly in places where construction has encroached on formerly undeveloped spaces. The experts at earwigs treatment Hilo residents call on for help can always solve any related issues.

A Particularly Unsightly and Unpleasant Insect

While other types of pests can carry diseases or inflict dangerous bites, earwigs are not generally harmful to people or pets. At the same time, homes infested with earwigs can become far less pleasant places to live, since earwigs can breed explosively and are often considered ugly and disconcerting.

Fortunately, companies like Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC have effective ways of eliminating earwig colonies and preventing them from becoming established again. Some of the issues that pest control experts tasked with doing away with earwigs will normally account for include:

  • Food.
  • When earwigs end up colonizing a home, it will almost always be because there is a suitable source of food nearby. Since most of the earwigs found in Hawaii subsist on decaying vegetation, doing away with any such material around a home will typically help. Identifying the exact species of the earwigs will make it easier to figure out what type of food is being sought and where it is located.
  • Shelter.
  • Earwigs are generally nocturnal and shelter themselves in cracks and other confined spaces during the day. Once again, locating where earwigs are hiding when not active will almost always suggest appropriate action that can be taken.

Never a Need to Tolerate Earwigs for Long

When it comes to earwigs treatment Hilo, residents can expect satisfying results from capable pest control companies. Although earwigs are not necessarily dangerous, they can be unpleasant enough to be around that eliminating them will often be a priority. You can also connect them on Facebook.