There are many age-old careers that have become less common or even obsolete in recent years. Milkmen aren’t seen very often, and finding a cobbler to repair your shoes is nearly impossible in many places. However, even in the age of technology some traditional career paths endure One of these is the role of the locksmith. Let’s look at how being a locksmith has changed – and some of the ways it hasn’t – in modern times.

What Do Locksmiths Do These Days?

The most common task that people associate with locksmiths is the picking of locks. While this is certainly within their everyday job description, locksmiths do and always have had many more skills to offer their customers. Some of these include:

  • Everything to do with locks. Building and customizing them, repairing them, attaching them to doors, windows and safes and more. If you need something done to a lock, these are the specialists you need to consult.

  • Custom-made keys to fit any kind of lock.

  • Customized windows, auto safety and specialty safes.

Additionally, today’s locksmiths don’t just work with the mechanical parts of locks. These trained professionals also specialize in the computer-controlled safety systems that are now common in many safes, automobile doors and more. There’s very little that the modern locksmith can’t handle!

Where Can I Find a Locksmith These Days?

Locksmiths are actually far more common in today’s world than you might believe. While signs for their businesses may not line the streets the way others might, you can almost guarantee there is a locksmith near you. New Haven area professionals at The Flying Locksmiths Of Southwest Connecticut offer a full range of both traditional and modern services to clients. Whether you’re locked out of your car, need new keys for your home or are fitting new locks onto your windows, safes or other household items, these industry experts can handle the job. Like all modern locksmiths, they bring the traditions of the past into the modern age, helping you into your home, keeping trespassers out, and providing extra safety and peace of mind for your entire family.