Choosing the right coffee beans to make the perfect cup of coffee is a straightforward process. It starts from cultivation and ends at the final brew.  Below is a highlight of the best methods of growing beans for the ultimate cup of coffee.

Bean Sourcing

Coffee beans thrive in high altitudes. In high elevations, they are kept cool and do not grow too quickly. It is widely believed that a slow growing process enables the coffee bean to grow appropriately and will enable it to tolerate higher temperatures that are used further in the cultivating process.

Precise Farming

Coffee beans must be picked at the right time to get the perfect flavor once they reach your cup. The beans are picked from inside coffee cherries and are harvested and refined at precise times to ensure excellent quality and a smooth taste.

They are picked during the dry season, which guarantees firm and perfectly ripe cherries. These cherries are picked by hand to ensure only the best ones are chosen for processing.


Once picked, the cherries are prepared according to the local climate and environment, then dried. The dried beans are then milled by first removing or hulling the outer layer of the bean. There must be special care taken here as the process must remove any non-consumable parts that can mistakenly be included in the transporting phase.

The beans are then graded and sorted and any defective beans are tossed from the batch. The beans are then exported to their final destinations.


The coffee beans are usually roasted in the imported country’s last destination. According to the type of roast that is being created, the raw beans are roasted according to certain temperatures. The predetermined temperatures are what makes light, medium, and dark roasted coffee. If you buy wholesale coffee in Los Angeles, you are able to get these fresh roasts for your consumption.

Once roasted, your perfect cup of coffee is waiting to be consumed.

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