How do you manage your wells? That’s a question that is often heard in our industry. Without a doubt, being as organized as possible in this area can be the difference between a well that is profitable and a well that is having financial problems. The key is having the best well data management possible.

So what should you keep in mind when looking for a well data management solution?

Real-Time Drilling Data is a Must-Have

People who are experienced in well management know that the profitability of a well can turn on a dime. For that reason, you should select a solution that guarantees data availability, integrity, and reliability. You owe to your business to have real-time drilling data at your fingertips.

Employee Dedication Makes a Big Difference

The difference between a solid well data management company and a software provider focused only on technology , is the dedication of their employees. Knowledge and well management is one area where this is especially true. For example, a dedicated well data specialist will know the correct time to conduct a data assessment and the correct time to do other things such as quality control and quality assurance. They settle for nothing less than around-the-clock operational support, so your other employees can focus on the interpretation and analysis of the data.

Whatever goals you’re trying to achieve, when it comes to well management, you owe to your firm to have a dedicated and experienced team on your side working tirelessly to be an asset to your company.

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