By the time a child is between 9 and 10 years old, their parents will have an idea whether they will need braces or not. If a child has an overbite, and underbite, crowded teeth, or gaps in their teeth, their parents should take them for a consultation for Orthodontics Braces in Queens NY. Before parents make the appointment with the orthodontist, they should know what to expect when their child gets braces.

Regular Appointments Are Necessary

When a child has braces, the orthodontist will want to see them monthly. These appointments are important to check on the child’s progress, to make necessary adjustments, to check for broken wires and brackets, to check the child’s overall oral health, and to answer any questions the parents may have. If these appointments are missed, it could impede the child’s progress.

Minimal Pain Should Be Expected

When a child first gets braces, the brackets can scrape the inside of their mouth. The orthodontist will give the child wax to cover the brackets to prevent scraping. Eventually, the skin will toughen up and the wax will no longer be needed. When adjustments are made, the child can experience pain in their jaw and gum line. This typically only lasts for a day or two.

Proper Oral Health is Important

Brushing and flossing are very important when a child has braces and it can be difficult. The child will need to brush well around the brackets on their teeth. If they don’t, the teeth could become permanently stained. The orthodontist will give the child a special tool to clean under the wire where the toothbrush won’t reach.

Food Restrictions

There are certain foods that can damage the brackets or the wires on the child’s teeth. The food on the list includes hard food such as pizza crust, ice, and candy, sticky foods such as caramel, taffy, and gum, corn on the cob, popcorn, and peanuts. The orthodontist will give the parents a complete list of the restricted food and it is up to them to make sure that their child obeys the restrictions. If they don’t, they child will end up in the orthodontist office often to have their braces repaired.

If a child’s teeth aren’t perfect, Orthodontics Braces in Queens NY could be the solution. For more information, Visit Queens Dental Professionals.