What Repair Services Does your Plumber Offer?

by | Feb 20, 2012 | Home And Garden

Having a supply of clean potable water to your home is essential for the comfort and convenience of the residents. Any leaks to the water line and main supplies are of concern to you as they can compromise your safety and the health of you and your family members. It is difficult to diagnose a leak or obstruction in your water mains. If you notice a marked drop in the water pressure, it could indicate a leak or clog in the water mains. If this happens call in a plumber to diagnose and repair the leak as soon as possible. If the water supply appears to be discolored, it is another possible sign that the water mains are leaking and water is contaminated. When areas of your yard, driveway or garden pathway appear wet all the time even in the dry season, there could be a leak in your mains.

Leaks and clogs occur from time to time for many reasons. Some reasons why you may need to call in the plumber for professional assistance from a clog can be because of several reasons:

* Intrusions by tree roots

* Ground movements

* Aging pipes and general wear and tear

* Acidic quality of the soil

* Build up of debris and minerals inside the pipe

* High water pressure

* Thawing of the ground after a big freeze

If you suspect that your water mains are breached call your plumber right away. Plumbing professionals possess electronic devices to detect and locate an obstruction or breach without digging up the whole driveway. Nitrogen can be charged into the line to detect the source of the leak. If necessary the leak can be repaired or a part of the pipe can be replaced.

Septic tanks need occasional maintenance. Only a plumber has the right apparatus to pump out a septic tank. Sewers too need to be inspected to clear out blockages. If your drains are flowing at slower rates, you need a plumber to examine the sewer lines to seek out the possible causes for the obstruction. Tree roots can penetrate the sewers. The pipes also settle or become disjointed with time. Construction debris and improper initial installation can contribute to the slow flow of water and sewage. Nowadays there is no need to dig up the entire sewage lines; video inspection can be a much more convenient and cheaper way to locate the blockage. If you want a video inspection call a trained local plumber. Marietta home owners can get prompt service from their local plumbing professionals.

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