As people age, all they want to do is turn back the hands of time. This is why many people visit a cosmetic surgeon to have Botox in CT. Botox is an injectable substance, which reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Before you have a Botox procedure done, there are a few things that you should do first.

Find an Experienced Doctor

In order to get a good Botox job done, you need to find an experienced doctor. The more experience a doctor has in giving Botox injections, the better their skill and technique will be. This is what you want in a doctor.

Tell Your Doctor EVERYTHING

It is very important to be honest with your doctor before getting Botox injections. There are certain things that can make Botox dangerous. It is very important to tell your doctor the following:

     *     Any medications, supplement, or herbs that you are taking

     *     Allergies

     *     Medical conditions or diseases

     *     Any recent or upcoming medical procedures

     *     If you are pregnant or breast feeding

Be Sure that Botox is Right for You

It is important to determine whether Botox treatments are right for you. A good doctor will be able to tell you if Botox is the best treatment for you skin and your situation. They may also tell you that fillers are better. It is important to listen to your doctor and take their advice.

Let Your Doctor Know What You Want

It is important that your doctor understand exactly what you want to get from Botox. You should be on the same page regarding the areas that you want to be fixed, and what the final result will be.

Have Realistic Expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations regarding your treatment. While Botox offers excellent results, you should be realistic about what it will really do. You do not want to be disappointed later.

Stop Taking Certain Medications

It is important that you stop taking any medications or supplements which will thin your blood a week before your procedure. Examples of these medications and supplements include:

     *     Ibuprofin

     *     Aspirin

     *     Vitamin E

     *     Ginseng

     *     Ginko Biloba

     *     Fish Oil

     *     Omega-3’s

Botox in CT is an excellent way to look years younger. The professionals at can do the procedure, and turn back the hands of time.