In Oklahoma, prospective parents need to evaluate the requirements for adoption. This assessment prepares these hopeful parents for the road ahead. It also provides them with insight into a lengthy process that requires patience. Oklahoma Adoption is conducted according to the laws of the state to protect the interests of children who need a loving home.

Making the Decision to Adopt

Prospective parents who have exhausted all efforts to have an alternative. They can adopt a child that needs a home through adoption agencies locally. These opportunities connect prospective parents with children according to the wishes of the birth parents. The first step in this process is to file an application for adoption through an agency.

Termination of the Birth Parents’ Rights

The state of Oklahoma must terminate the parental rights of the birth parents before adoption is granted. This process is conducted in one of two ways. The birth parent who elects to give their child up for adoption could sign the proper documentation giving up their rights. The other option involves the state taking steps to protect children at risk.

If a biological parent is a risk to the child, the state has the right to remove the child from their custody. If the conditions that warranted removal aren’t remedied, the child becomes a ward of the state. When this occurs, the state can terminate the parents’ rights.

Reviewing Responsibilities for Medical Costs

Prospective parents have the option to cover the costs of medical care for expectant mothers. This is an opportunity available through contracts. If the prospective parents agree to this arrangement, they must cover the cost of prenatal and maternity services. They’ll receive the child after birth in these cases.

Completing the Adoption Process

A formal hearing is required to officiate an adoption. At this time, the child’s name is changed if preferred. The judge outlines the laws and rights of the adoptive parents at this time.

Prospective parents should review the process for Oklahoma Adoption. During the process, the prospective parents must undergo several interviews and evaluations. This helps the caseworker determine if the individuals are ready to adopt a child. Couples who wish to start this process should
contact an adoption agency now.