In Oklahoma, bonding agents provide an invaluable service for criminal defendants. The services include bail bonds for helping the defendant get out of jail and remain home until their trial. Agents assist defendants who need help accessing their financial assets. A local bondsman in El Reno OK explains what defendants can expect when hiring an agent.

Assistance During the Arraignment

Bail bondsmen attend the arraignment and negotiate the bail amount with the judge. If the defendant is considered a flight risk, the bonding agent can request that the defendant is released into their custody. The arrangement makes the bonding agent responsible for the defendant completely.

Faster Processing for Bail Bonds

Bonding agents process bail bonds quickly and deliver all documents to the court and the county jail. Some agents have connections with criminal court judges and could help defendants get out of jail on the weekend. However, the defendant’s representative must have all the details needed for the defendant, and they must provide the payment for the bail bond promptly.

Assistance Getting to the Court Date

Bondsmen help criminal defendants who don’t have transportation get to their scheduled court date. The bond is an investment for the bonding agent, too. If the defendant doesn’t arrive at the court, the bondsman could suffer a financial loss, and become responsible for the full bail amount. For this reason, the bonding agents offer assistance with transportation if the defendant makes prior arrangements.

The Responsibilities of the Defendant

All criminal court defendants must appear in court, or the bond is revoked. If it is revoked, the defendant is arrested again. The defendant must comply with the exact terms of their release. Any deviation of the terms or violations is grounds for a new arrest and additional charges.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants seek the assistance of a bail bondsman when they’ve been arrested. Bonding agents offer bail bonds for a fraction of the total bail amount. Economically constricted defendants choose bail bonds when they cannot pay their bail. Criminal defendants who need to discuss services available to them contact a bondsman in El Reno OK or visit us for further details about the products and services now.