An amphibious excavator is a heavy machine that can float in shallow water because it is built with pontoons that allow it to float. You can use it in swamps, wetlands, or soft ground, and it carries workers out to places where they can’t float due to density or walk due to softness. If you didn’t have an amphibious excavator, you would need to build platforms or other means to access these lands. This machine reduces the cost and helps preserve the ecology of the wetland and swamp areas.

They Come in Different Sizes

If you need an amphibious excavator, you can get one from a company such as Wilco Manufacturing, LLC. You can get this machinery in mini, small, medium, or large, depending on the size of the jobs you do. The undercarriage provides buoyancy through its hermetically-sealed pontoons, and they are extendable to allow them to mount vertical pallets if necessary. It moves with chains and a multi-synchronous hydraulic drive system. This makes it stable, giving it traction to perform a wide range of tasks.

What You Can Do

The most common use of an amphibious excavator is dredging, because standard excavators can get stuck. These machines are versatile, working on land and floating in water. They are built to work in any situation. You can cut aquatic vegetation, clean canals and waterways, mine, and more. It is designed similarly to a conventional excavator with the added benefit of being functional in swamps and on water.