In California, criminal defendants must pay their bail or purchase a bond to become released from the county jail. If the defendant is unable to pay their bail in full, a bail bond is available for a certain percentage. Bail bond agents in Alameda County CA offer fast options for defendants who need to obtain a bond.

Collecting All Necessary Information

If the family or representative for the defendant doesn’t know all vital details, a bail bondsman can visit the criminal clerk’s office to obtain certain details. However, the individual who contacted the bondsman must have the defendant’s name and the name of the facility where they are being held.

Representation During the Arraignment

The bail bondsman could attend the arraignment and negotiate with the judge to achieve a lower bail value. The services are available to any criminal defendant. However, a bail bondsman cannot provide the same representation as an attorney. In some cases, the defendant is released in the bail bondsman’s custody, and the bail is reduced significantly.

Managing the Release

The bondsman manages the entire release process for all defendants who purchase a bail bond. First, the bail bondsman collects the information and then present an offer to the representative or family member. The basic requirement is up to fourteen percent of the total bail value. The representative must provide the fourteen percent in cash, credit, or collateral.

The Repercussions of an FTA

If the defendant doesn’t follow the terms of their release, the judge can revoke their bail and issue a warrant for their arrest. A failure to appear charge is managed through a bench warrant. If the defendant is on bond, they forfeit their right to any refund of any money used to purchase the bond. If they used collateral, the bail bondsman collects the property immediately.

In California, criminal defendants have access to a bail bondsman after they are booked. The bondsman can provide a bail bond to help the individual get released from the county jail. The bail bonds provide defendants a more affordable choice for getting released from jail. Defendants who need help contact bail bond agents in Alameda County CA at Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds right now.