What to Expect from Professional Water Heater Repair in Los Angeles CA

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The day you do not get enough water in your home, it will not help yelling at your family because they have “hogged” the hot water. It is also pointless to blame your family if your water comes out dirty from the hot water faucet. The cause of the problem may not be related to your family’s water use. The problem could be that you need to call in professional help to deal with water heater repair in Los Angeles CA.

In Los Angeles CA, the most popular water heaters are electric and gas. Although gas water heaters are relatively cheap to maintain, they are most often expensive to install due to their bulky sizes. The gas water heater is also more susceptible to frequent malfunctioning due to its complicated design.

Gas Heated Water Heater Repair

Water heater repair professionals advise that you should consider repair services if the pilot light does stay on for long. One reason why the pilot light will not stay lit is that your thermocouple could already be broken and is not detecting any heat in the water. Thermocouples are safety devices that help prevent gas from escaping through the gas valve until the pilot light is on. Malfunctioning thermocouples will not activate the pilot light with gas required for continued burning.

Electric Water Heater Repair

Problems associated with your heating elements in electric water heaters often require one to have the heater repaired. Los Angeles CA residents with electric heaters should consider replacing a few of the heater electric heating elements. One way to find out if you have an electric heater in your home is the absence of a flue coming out of the tank’s top.

When Your Water is Dirty

When your hot water is dirty, one possibility is that your tank is beginning to rust. Another possibility for dirty hot water is that your tank’s sacrificial has also started to rust. A sacrificial anode is designed to rust first; its main purpose is to prevent your tank from having rust issues. When corroded, to the point where water inside is dirty, the first thing is to replace the sacrificial anode immediately. If you are too late, you will need to replace your entire tank.

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