Many people feel nervous because they don’t know what to expect before they go for testing at a local audiology service in Oklahoma City OK. There is no reason to worry at all because this testing is a very simple one that will be extremely helpful in determining the type of hearing problems that exist. During the initial audiology testing appointment, patients are asked for a case history. This information typically includes all recent medical history, any current hearing issues, and any notable symptoms that have been causing problems.

Ask the audiologist whether it is necessary to bring along a loved one at the testing appointment. In some cases, a test may include listening to a familiar voice to check the hearing levels with that particular voice. If hearing loss is already severe, it can also be quite helpful to have a loved one there to assist in communicating with the audiologist before and during the testing process.

There are a couple of types of audiology tests that may happen during an appointment. Every patient is unique, so be prepared for the tests to be completely customized according to individual needs. During an otoscopy, the ear canal will be examined with a tool called an otoscope. This is a simple test that checks for wax, blockage, or other obvious barriers to proper hearing.

During a Tympanometry test, the middle ear functionality is tested. This test involved a small amount of pressure on the ear drum, and it can help the audiologist to detect problems like fluid buildup and ear infection. The audiometry test is the most common of hearing tests. It involves being in a soundproofed room where every sound triggers a response. Often, the audiologist will tell the patient to raise their hand when they hear a certain sound or to press a button whenever the sound is heard. A variety of sound types and levels are used during the test to help the audiologist determine the extent of the hearing issues. If you plan to get Audiology Service in Oklahoma City OK, Visit Pro Hearing LLC to learn more today.