Alternative healing is a term that’s becoming more mainstream in today’s society. People are turning to methods of alternative healing in Dallas, TX, to reduce their dependency on pharmaceuticals and improve their overall wellbeing. Those who are new to alternative healing often have a lot of questions about these methods. Below is a brief overview of the different kinds of alternative healing therapies.

Mind-Body Medicine

People who practice mind-body medicine emphasize meditation and relaxation. They might participate in hypnotherapy or guided imagery. This type of alternative medicine emphasizes the mind’s ability to heal the physical body.

Energy Medicine

Alternative healers believe multiple biofields exist in and around the body. These subtle energies in the body are connected to what many in the field consider to be qi, the universal life force that exists in every person. Healers use methods such as acupuncture, Reiki, magnetic therapy, crystal therapy, and Tai Chi to strengthen the life force and bring health and wellness into a person’s life.

Manipulative Therapies

People who practice manipulative therapies believe strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself. Examples of manipulative therapies include cupping, scrapping, and massage. The most popular manipulative therapy that most people are familiar with is chiropractic therapy.

How to Begin Alternative Healing

Whether one is suffering from chronic physical pain, struggling with emotional issues, or feel one’s life is out of balance, alternative healing in Dallas, TX, might provide much-needed relief. To begin an alternative healing practice, consult with the professional healers at online at