What to Know About Getting Back Pain Treatment in Corpus Christi, TX

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Pain Management

Back pain can prove downright debilitating. Even mild discomfort can make it challenging to get dressed, tie your shoes, or complete other essential activities. Fortunately, you can get fast and lasting relief with the right back pain treatment in Corpus Christi, TX. The following are several important things to know about your available treatment options.

Surgery Shouldn’t Be Your First Choice

The benefits of back surgery are often over-sold. When surgical treatments are successful, people enjoy increased comfort, improved mobility, and better quality of life. However, if things don’t go the way you hope, you can’t undo a surgical solution. This makes it best to diligently pursue all of your non-surgical alternatives first.

Regenerative Medicine Tackles Back Pain at Its Underlying Cause

One of the top alternatives to back surgery is regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine targets back problems at their underlying causes. With platelet-rich plasma treatments and biologic therapies, people can often alleviate inflammation, increase flexibility and range of movement, and limit their reliance on both prescription and over-the-counter pain medicines.

You Can Take a Multi-Pronged Approach

It’s also possible to take a multi-pronged approach to naturally alleviating your back pain. For instance, your regenerative medicine provider can coordinate with a myofascial specialist, chiropractic doctor, or massage therapist to address your discomfort and its functional causes in multiple ways. By seamlessly coordinating several complementary forms of care, your providers can expedite your relief and take a holistic approach to promoting overall wellness.

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