Marijuana is now legal in Georgia for medicinal use. However, despite its prevalence with some doctors and patients, it’s important to understand the many forms of marijuana available today – not all of which are created equal.

A natural CBD tincture offers a natural alternative to those looking for relief from various ailments without the psychoactive effects often associated with medical cannabis.

What Are Natural CBD Tinctures?

Georgia patients use CBD tinctures to extract cannabis to eat or drink it for its medicinal benefits without the high produced by THC, the chemical compound within marijuana that provides the psychoactive effects patients seek when taking medical marijuana.

Georgia Natural CBD Tincture Laws

Georgia physicians are only allowed to provide their patients with raw extracts that can be turned into tinctures. Those who turn the extract into a tincture are then allowed to administer the CBD orally. This has helped create quite a stir for natural CBD tinctures in Georgia.

Why Are Natural CBD Tinctures Preferred?

Georgia patients who take CBD tinctures report not experiencing the high that comes with other forms of cannabis ingestion. This makes tinctures a preferred method by some, especially those who want relief from their ailments but don’t care for marijuana’s psychoactive effects.

Natural CBD tinctures also offer a natural alternative for those who want to avoid smoking – an option that is best advised against due to the health risks associated with smoke inhalation.