Have you ever visited a jeweler that sold exotic pieces of estate jewelry? The products that can be found through these jewelry stores are fascinating and many of them have lots of history behind them. There are many estate jewelry buyers in Louisville where you can go to sell and buy one-of-a-kind estate jewelry. Below are some things you may want to know before you spend time shopping for these rare trinkets.

The condition of a piece of old jewelry is essential in determining the value and price of a piece. A common tool that many people take with them when shopping for estate jewelry is called a loupe. A loupe acts as a sort of magnifying glass, but is much smaller than the average glass. Loupes are used by jewelers, as well as watchmakers everywhere to determine the value and condition of certain pieces. When you use a loupe, it is important to know how to use it correctly so you can more closely determine the value of a piece of jewelry. Many people think they need to close one eye to get a clear look at the piece of jewelry they are holding. This is incorrect. Instead, you should keep both eyes open and carefully move the loupe closer to the piece of jewelry, and then slowly move the jewelry closer to the loupe. During this process, you will locate a significant focus point in which you can get a clear view of the piece you are inquiring about.

When purchasing jewelry from renowned estate jewelry buyers in Louisville, many people become concerned about the true authenticity of certain pieces. Because of this, they may seek an expert opinion and appraisal that will help calm their fears and skepticism. On the contrary, you should take the time to develop a trusting relationship with your jeweler and become knowledgeable about jewelry yourself. Doing these two things will help you to be prepared with the information you need to know to be able to identify whether or not a piece of jewelry is authentic.

A majority of antique jewelry has some kind of signature or maybe a stamp on it. Signed pieces are often worth a lot more than a piece of unsigned jewelry. Many times, you can also be able to better determine the authenticity of a piece when it has an “identifier” with it, such as a stamp or a signature of some kind. Estate jewelry buyers in Louisville can help you identify these kinds of pieces.

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