What Type of Flour is Best for Baking a Cake from Scratch?

by | May 10, 2017 | Business

Do you have a famous fruit cake? Or perhaps an angel food cake that is to die for? If you do, you likely know that the ingredients you use can significantly impact the resulting flavor and texture of your cake. However, if you are new to baking, you may not know there is a difference. The fact is, if you use the wrong type of flour, it can impact the look, smell and especially the taste and texture of your creation. Learn more about types of flour and when they should be used here.

Cake Flour

If you are making a cake with a tender, fine crumb, such as sponge cake, devil’s food cake, or pound cake, cake flour is the best option. It is made out of soft wheat and contains a protein content of five to seven percent. This means there is very little gluten created when you mix up the batter.

All-Purpose Flour

Just as the name implies, this flour can be used in various types of cookies, cakes and breads. It has a protein content of seven to 12 percent, which varies with the brand. It is the ideal option for upside-down cakes, rustic cakes or a dense chocolate cake.

Whole-Wheat Flour

Many experts agree that this flour is superior to all-purpose flour when it comes to nutrition. It provides a slightly nutty flavor and is going to be the best option for your famous fruit cake. It can also be used for other cakes, including an applesauce cake or a carrot cake.

As you can see, there are a few options to consider when baking. If you want to create your famous fruit cake or try to make another cake from scratch, choosing the right type of flour matters. Don’t just guess, as this may end in a less-than-tasty treat.

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