There are many different types of preschools on the market and the key to finding the right one is understanding the difference and knowing your child well. If you want your child to succeed, you need to find a program that fits his needs at his age.

Here are a few of the preschool programs you could consider.

Toddler Programs

Toddler programs are generally preschool-like programs for children younger than the actual preschool age. Preschoolers are generally 3 and 4 years old while toddler programs start with the age of 2. When you observe a toddler program, you might not think the children are paying much attention to the actual curriculum, but children at this age pick up on quite a bit of the things that are happening around them. They watch other children play and wander around the classroom in order to engage their own senses. They will get to interact with a teacher and listen to adults other than you as well.

Home Daycare

Home daycare programs are often those that benefit the parents even more than the child. Parents who have to work place their child in a daycare situation and home daycares often allow the personnel to give more personal attention to each child. However, for the most part, home daycares do not have much structure or any type of curriculum. They are a great place for children to interact with other children that are of a variety of ages. They also allow for plenty of free play, but they are not a true preschool. In some situations, if your child is shy, simply having her attend a home daycare a few times a week will help her learn to interact with others better. If your child needs academic help, however, a true preschool near Vaughan Ontari is best.

Academic Preschools

Preschools are not considered to be a formal version of education, but they can help your child start her school career off on the right foot. Preschool with academics will teach your child about colors, letters, shapes, and other basics. It will also teach her social skills like how to stand in line, how to share, how to take turns and so on. If your child needs help in one or both areas before kindergarten, academic preschools are a great option.

Kindergarten Only

Some parents simply skip preschool altogether and send their kids straight to kindergarten when they are of the right age. Preschool, after all, is not necessary in order to enroll in kindergarten. Teachers say that children who have been through preschool generally adapt to kindergarten better, but parents who are able to do the preschool basics at home have success with their children as they enter school as well.