Bail bond companies need to know certain details before they can perform their service. Collect as much information as possible if a loved one calls with a request for help with their bail. Bail bond companies are open 24 hours every day, so get started immediately because there is no need to wait until the morning or until the weekend ends. Here are several examples of the information needed.

Have the Details

Companies that offer bail bonding assistance in Anacortes, WA will want to know the full legal name and age of the person arrested. Questions about any prior charges for a failure to appear in court or bench warrants will allow the bail bonds service to decide their risk.

Other personal questions could include the marital status of the person under arrest. Questions about the jailed individual being a member of the military or a U.S. citizen may come up. The bail bonds company may even want to know what the relationship is between the person in jail and the one that calls or stops in to arrange the bail.

Include Current Information

The person who will post bail should know the location of the jail where the individual is held. To receive bail bonding assistance in Anacortes, WA, the past criminal history of the individual must be provided along with information about their current employment status and the contact information of any employer. The names and contact information of three or more people close to the person arrested are often needed as well. The name and phone number of the attorney hired by the individual, if they have chosen legal assistance, are also necessary.

Expect Personal Questions

Bail bond companies also need personal information from the person that arranges the bail. This includes social security number, state ID or a valid driver’s license, and what collateral they have available. Have on-hand a title or deed for any property used as collateral. It is also important to bring cash or a credit card because bail bond services do not usually accept checks.

Bail procedures move along quickly when people have available the information they need when they contact a bail service. The staff will immediately take action once the contract is complete and signed. Visit us to learn more about bonding services.