What You Need to Know About Chicago Dentists

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Dentistry

Chicago dentists can provide you with the care that you need to promote good oral health but there are some misconceptions about dentists, like they are NOT doctors, when in fact they are.  Dentists are the people behind healthy happy smiles and have a long history as care providers. There are some interesting facts about this profession that most people do not know.

They Are Dwindling in Numbers

There are only 155,000 dentists in the USA right now! By 2020 the department of labor predicts that there will be a shortage of dentists!

Lots of School

Most dentists go to school a total of 8 years to earn their doctorate of dentistry. They complete a 4-year Bachelor’s degree then must attend dental school for 4 years.  The dental program is a rigorous program that includes clinical rotations, plenty of lab work and an intense course load. Competition is stiff to get into dental schools and the programs are tough, which is probably why there are not a huge population of dentists.


Chicago dentists can specialize in one specific field but every dentist spends about 2 of their 4 years in dental school studying general dentistry. Those dentists that do specialize, must tack on about another 2 years to their education.

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