Want to have whiter teeth? Here’s what you need to know about getting whiter teeth, from Colgate Oral Center Care:

The Definition

Teeth whitening in Peabody involve treatment that lightens as well as removes teeth stains and discoloration. It’s a purely cosmetic procedure and a lot of dentists are trained to perform the treatment. It’s not a one-time procedure, though. Maintaining the brightness and color of your teeth might result in several treatment sessions.

The Enamel

The color of your tooth comes, in part, from the light that’s reflected and scattered off the enamel, which is its outermost layer. That, along with the dentin under it, is what determines your natural teeth color. Dentin shows through in cases of thinner enamels while rougher enamels can change teeth color since it changes the quality of the reflection.

The Causes

Teeth stains and discoloration are often caused by the following:

1. Smoking. Can’t live without your smokes? Prolonged nicotine use makes your teeth discolor, though. So treatment won’t make the discoloration go away completely, not until you stop smoking.

2. Drinking coffee. Live on coffee? For many people, coffee is their everyday brew of choice. One of its downsides, though, is that it leaves stains on your teeth. This is also true for dark-colored liquids like cola, red wine and tea. Water, it seems, is still the best brew out there.

3. Lack of good oral hygiene practices. Often forget to brush your teeth? Don’t floss? Don’t visit the dentist regularly? Bad oral hygiene practices can cause your teeth to deteriorate and decay faster than they should, which often results in teeth discoloration, among others.

4. Age. You might be diligent in taking brushing your teeth or using a flosser, but as we get older the dentine in our teeth grows darker and the enamel gets thinner. That means, over the years, our teeth will gradually take its color from the dentine.

Intrinsic stains may also happen. You get this when your teeth has been exposes to too much fluoride when you were a child. Injuries or trauma to the face and cheeks can also cause your teeth to discolor.

There are just a few of the things you need to know about teeth whitening. If you want to ask after the services of a dental clinic that carries out teeth whitening treatments in the Boston area, look no further. At Peabody Dental Care, we offer services to suit your needs.

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