Fire pits are doubtlessly an amazing addition to your Dallas backyard. They’re simple to install, not always costly, and serve a multitude of functions. For one, a fire pit can be used for cooking. On the other hand, a fire pit makes for a perfect and aesthetically pleasing source of warmth in the much colder months of the year.

Finally, a fire pit can simply complement your outdoor setting by creating a space to meet and sit around, fostering memories and connecting people.

However, before you go and get yourself any random fire pit, there are considerations to make. Pits can cost anything from a few hundred, to ten thousand dollars, depending on the make, manufacturing details, and size and installation specifics. So naturally, the first question is: how much do you want to spend?

Considering Cost

The design, functionality, size and material cost of your fire pit all factor towards its pricing. Since you’ll have to pay for the pit and installation, budgeting is very important in order to not end up buying something with a price tag you’ll learn to regret.

Permanent or Portable?

Not all fire pits in Dallas have to be installed, though. While the majorities are meant to become permanent fixtures in your backyard, there are plenty fire pit manufacturers in Dallas who instead choose to offer a portable fire pit option to remove from your backyard and carry into the garage for safekeeping and weather protection.

Check with your Insurance and Local Ordinances

As per Allstate, before you buy a fire pit, consider how it may affect your insurance costs. That way you can account for any increases in your premiums, and still get your pit. Similarly, check locally if you have the right to install a fire pit on your property, and if doing so still allows you to pass any and all safety inspections.