What You Need To Know Before Buying Business Envelopes

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Furniture

It is amazing how many businesses in Orange County spend time, energy and money on buying office supplies that are never used or even end up being thrown out.

Generally, this happens when people placing the orders for the supplies don’t understand what employees need and how the particular supplies will be used. A great example of this is the number of envelopes that are purchased that are never used.

With all the different options in mailing supplies, finding the right envelope for the job shouldn’t be difficult. Having the right types of supplies on hand allows staff to create professional looking mailers to other businesses, customers and clients. When the incorrect products are used the result is a very messy looking mailer that doesn’t represent your business in a positive and professional light.


In most offices, there are two standard sizes of envelopes used. The letter sized envelope is the standard rectangular mailer that requires that a letter-sized page will be folded into thirds to be inserted.

The letter size of mailer can be designed with a window. This allows the address printed on the document to show through the mailer to avoid having to type an address label or directly onto the mailer.

The letter size of mailer is often used for bills, invoices, notices and for basic correspondence. Ideally, one or two sheets of paper are all that should be included in the envelope to allow for a secure closure.


The legal size of business envelope can have a standard adhesive type of closure or it can use a brad or a kraft clasp. These envelopes are ideal when the documents should not be folded or when there are more than a few different pages that will need to be inserted.

Typically, these letter types of mailers will use a brown or light brown paper, but they are also available in white or other colors as well.

These same types of mailers can also be called an interoffice envelope. This has a string and button closure and a grid or routing table to track who has seen the contents of the envelope. These are heavier in design and used in most small to large sized companies for easy control over internal communication.

Asking about the specific use and needs for business mailers will be important before making a purchase. This will ensure the envelope style you need is what you get, eliminating those supplies that just sit in the closet.

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