Once you’re arrested and charged with a crime, there are three possibilities for what can happen next. You may be required to remain in jail until your hearings. This is typically for the most serious crimes. The next is for you to be released on your own recognizance, which means you don’t have to pay anything and you are released until your hearings. The third, and most common, is to be given a bail amount that can be paid for you to be released.

When you are given a bail amount, that amount can be paid in full to the courts and then you will be allowed to leave the jail. As long as you attend all of your hearings, you will be refunded the money you paid for the bail. The amount of bail that needs to be paid will vary, depending on the severity of the crime you’re accused of. In many cases, you may not be able to afford the entire bail amount. This is when you’ll need a Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma.

A Bail Bond in Midwest City Oklahoma, is done through a bondsman, and the bail amount is paid on your behalf by the bondsman. You will need to pay a percentage of the full bail amount, typically 10%, or give them collateral that covers the cost of the bail. You’ll also need to sign a contract. As long as you attend your hearings, the bondsman will receive their money back and you will not have to pay anything further. If you do not attend your hearings, you may have a warrant for your arrest and need to pay the bail amount to the bondsman or forfeit your collateral.

If you’ve been arrested and given a bail amount you cannot afford, talk to a bondsman about receiving a Bail Bond. They’ll review all of the details with you and ensure you understand what could happen if you do not attend your hearings. Once you agree to the terms of the bond and give them the percentage or collateral, they’ll pay the bail for you and allow you to be released until your hearings.