What You Should Know About Ear Piercing Tunnels

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Jewelry, Shopping

Most of those who are fans of body piercing know exactly what ear-piercing tunnels are. Those who aren’t familiar with this equipment, these tunnels are cylinder-like pieces of jewelry that are used for large gauge piercings. Also known as plugs, these pieces of jewelry have been growing more popular over the years. For those who want to make a statement with their ears, these are a great way of achieving that goal. Below, we will discuss the ins and outs of ear-piercing tunnels. This will allow you the opportunity to use this information to determine whether this method of piercing is for you.

Choosing Your Gauge

When it comes to ear piercing tunnels, choosing the gauge you want can be tricky. Yes, those who are fans of ear stretching like going above and beyond, but it takes time to get your ears to the desired point. This is why most companies, like Body Jewelry, offer different sizes, or gauges, to help you work your way up to your desired look. Once you’ve chosen your gauge, then you have the opportunity to pick the styles and looks you love.


One way of helping your ears reach the stretch you want is to use ear stretchers. These tools are used to open the hole, which will allow you to use the ear-piercing tunnels you prefer. Stretchers are often sought-after by those who are new to ear stretching and are ready to start their journey or those who have made the decision to up their gauge and move up in the world of ear stretching. If you are a fan of this method, then give Body Jewelry a look. Their website contains all the tools you need to reach your desired gauge. Check them out today!

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