What You Should Know When You are In Need Of A Heavy Haul In Jacksonville

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Transport and Freight Forwarding

Every now and then at some point in time if you are the owner of a vehicle you will eventually require some kind of towing services. If you do a lot of driving you really should be prepared with a towing company’s information in the event that your vehicle breaks down and you are stranded. This can be a very stressful time however, with a little bit of your own preparation when the time comes and you are possibly stranded you will be able to get help immediately.

When searching for a towing company to rely on during your time of emergency road service you definitely need to become familiar with the types of towing services that you chosen towing provider offers. This is important because if you own a vehicle that requires special equipment you will definitely need to choose a towing company that has the special equipment that your vehicle may require when towing services are needed. You should definitely be aware if your vehicle is a two wheel drive or four wheel drive. The reason that this is important is because a two wheel drive vehicle can be towed using either a wheel lift tow truck or a flat bed tow truck.

However, when it comes to four wheel drive vehicles, the necessary equipment would be a flat bed tow truck in order to prevent major damage to the vehicle. Now if you own a large truck or if you are a business owner that owns a fleet of large trucks then you will definitely require a towing service that has equipment that is suitable for what is known as Heavy Haul Jacksonville. Heavy Haul towing also utilizes two different operating systems.

The first type of system used for a Heavy Haul Jacksonville is what is known as a low boy. A low boy is basically a very long trailer that is towed behind a large industrial truck. The piece of machinery that is being towed would be strapped down to the bed of the low boy trailer and then towed to its destination. Large heavy duty wheel lift systems are also used as part of a heavy haul system. When you do require tow service be sure to advise the dispatcher of the type of equipment that may be necessary for your tow.

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