What’s the Best Solar Eclipse Eye Protection?

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Eclipses

With an event like a total solar eclipse on the horizon, there is much talk about eye safety and eclipse eye protection. When it comes to viewing eclipses safely, you have several options and some of them are not the best ways to look at the sun. Let’s explore some of the choices you have and discover which options are the safest.

No Protection at All

Hopefully most people will not be this reckless with their vision. However, it is safe to not use protection for a small time window (while the eclipse is complete). Yet, this could be an invitation to disaster.

Homemade Protection

Some people choose to make their own eclipse viewers. One of the most common methods is to make a simple box viewer. Here is how they work.

Box Viewers

This is a simple method to make your own eclipse eye protection but you will need a box like a breakfast cereal container. However, shoe boxes will also work. This method is also called a “pinhole” viewer or camera. Cover one side with aluminum foil and punch a small hole through the foil and box side. This allows the suns image to project inside the box. Make sure to attach a piece of plain white paper to project the image on. This is the basics of the project.

Welder’s Glass

Welders face the same problems as eclipse viewers because a welding arc can be damaging to the retinas of the eyes. If you happen to have a welder’s mask, you can use it for eclipse eye protection.

Approved Viewing Glasses

One of the easiest ways to view a solar eclipse, involves purchasing approved glasses. They resemble 3D glasses and are inexpensive and very effective. Make sure to choose products which have been approved by ISO (International Standards Organization) and CE (European Conformity). This assures you are receiving products which are safe to use.

If you want something a little sturdier you can choose plastic viewing glasses. They are made just like sunglasses and are sure to impress.

Hand Held Viewers

Hand held eclipse eye protection is very convenient. These items are about the size of a 3X5 card and easily fit into pockets. If you plan to hold a special event for the 2017 eclipse, you should consider ordering your viewers far ahead of time. Eclipse viewers can be customized to your event and the entire ordering process can easily be done on the World Wide Web.

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