When people are not feeling well, and they believe they need to have medical care sooner rather than latter, many choose to head to the emergency room at the hospital. However, that is not always the best solution for a number of reasons. In fact, you will often find that a walk-in clinic can beat an emergency room in a number of cases. Let’s look at some of the times that it would be better to head to a walk-in clinic than an ER and why.

The Type of Illness or Injury
One of the biggest problems with emergency rooms today is the wait time that people experience when they visit. When they arrive, they are triaged by the staff and then put in order of the most serious injuries and illnesses first. This means if you go to the ER with something that is relatively minor, it could take you a long time before you are even seen by a doctor. In fact, Blue Cross and Blue Shield recommend a walk-in clinic for many types of maladies including allergic reactions, sprains, sore throat, bites from an animal, flu and flulike symptoms, minor burns, minor injuries, and even broken bones.

While these might not be major health problems, most people still go to the ER for them. The walk-in clinic can help you to get seen faster, and it can have some other benefits, namely the prices.

The Costs
You will also find that the cost of these types of clinics tends to be quite a bit less than the cost of going to the emergency room. Since most people like the idea of saving money, a walk-in clinic is a fantastic option. You will find that you can use these clinics for more than just urgent care. You can also get immunizations and physicals if you do not have a doctor of your own. They can often help to manage chronic problems, as well.

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