Breeding your cows shouldn’t be a nightmare. Having a raging, testosterone-driven bull in with your cows is not something you can easily manage. Any time the cows have to come in to be milked, you have to contend with an angry bull that doesn’t want the cows to leave the field. Then there’s the proper feeding and care of your bull. He’s the reason why you get calves, increase the herd, and produce more milk and more beef. Keeping him well-fed and healthy is a full-time job in and of itself. If your cow breeding season is often absolute bull, here is how you can change that.

Sell the Bull and Artificially Inseminate

Sure, it’s not an exact science, but artificially inseminating your cows is a lot less dangerous than dealing with a hostile bull. In many cases, A.I. is also less expensive than maintaining the health of a bull. Sell your bull and rely on shipments of premium grade, genetically tested bull semen to get your cows pregnant. You can look into bred cows for sale, too. Bred cows for sale are already pregnant and need only to be cared for.

Rent a Bull

No joke; there are companies that have dozens of bulls, just bulls, that they feed and maintain for breeding purposes. Imagine the headaches they have! Yet, the core of their business is to rent out bulls to farmers and ranchers for breeding. You keep the bull for two to eight weeks, or until all of your cows are effectively pregnant. Then the bull goes back to the farm/ranch that rented him out. You focus on your cows and not the bull, both literally and figuratively.