When Is It Time to Call Tree Removal Service in Smyrna, GA?

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Tree Service

Many people have emotional attachments to the trees on their property and have a hard time preparing for their removal. However, it’s good to call a tree removal service in Smyrna, GA, at the right time—before a damaged or falling tree causes irreparable damage to your property.

Here are the signs that it is time to call a professional service to manage your tree.

The Tree Is Unstable

If the tree shows any signs that it is unstable, then it is time to call a professional tree removal service in Smyrna GA. It’s better to get confirmation from a professional that a tree is safe than to assume that it is until it’s too late.

Signs that a tree might fall soon are leaning branches, exposed root systems, and visible decay. If you notice rotten areas around the trunk, call a professional immediately to assess the stability of a tree.

A Tree or Branch Has Fallen

If a tree has already fallen, you may be tempted to just saw it up and get rid of it with some neighborly help. However, it’s always a better call to wait for the professionals. Countless people get injured each year trying to remove trees on their own. It is a high-risk job that is better left to the professionals, especially if the tree is leaning on something else or is touching power lines.

If you notice loose branches, you should also call professionals who have the right tools to cut them off instead of climbing up on your own.

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