Most people are aware that personal injury attorneys Brockton can help if they are injured, but aren’t sure exactly what that means. Typically, if you are injured because of a person or business’s negligence or direct action, you’re going to want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to ensure you’re compensated for your injuries. The personal injury attorneys Brockton work on many different cases and with many different situations.

A personal injury is one that occurs due to negligence or a direct action. Negligence is where the at-fault party had the duty to take proper care to avoid an accident, but failed to do so. A good example of this would be a slip and fall accident. In this case, the business has a duty to ensure that you can walk through their store without tripping or slipping on something in the walkway. If there is a spill and they do not mark it with a sign or clean it in a timely fashion, they may be held liable if you are injured because of slipping on the spill.

A direct action is typically a criminal action that results in your injury. Typical examples of this are assault, battery, and even murder. In the case of murder, the victim’s family could sue for compensation. These cases are separate from the criminal case, and there is a big difference in what needs to be proved for the case. In the civil case for personal injury, the proof needs to show that the person is likely to have caused your injuries, not beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that they could be civilly liable even if they are not convicted in a criminal court.

If you’ve been injured, you’ll want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to find out if your case qualifies as a personal injury case and if you will be able to receive compensation for your injuries. The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel PC can answer any questions you may have about your case and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact them today to find out if they can help with your case.