An outdoor spigot may develop a leak at some point, especially if it is old and has many years of use. In some instances, the spigot may need to be replaced. In other cases, a plumber may be able to successfully complete Faucet Repair in Ferndale WA on the device.

The outdoor faucet is also called a hose bibb and a sillcock. It’s important not to ignore these leaks for a couple of reasons.

Wasting Water

First, homeowners can be startled by how much water they’re wasting because of a leaky faucet. Many gallons drip out of the spigot as the days go by, and that water usage shows up on the utility bill.

Foundation and Basement Protection

Second, that water is dripping right next to the foundation. That can cause damage to the concrete over time. Especially considering the rainy climate of this region, adding gallons of extra water can lead to water-logging of the ground next to the foundation and basement. If the soil doesn’t get enough sunshine, the weight can start to push on the basement wall and create separating of concrete blocks or cracking.

Identifying the Leak Source

When diagnosing the problem and determining whether Faucet Repair in Ferndale WA can be done, the plumber first checks to see where the leak is coming from. It may be coming from the faucet opening or it might be leaking around the handle.

In some cases, the handle only leaks when the water is running. Homeowners may not feel too concerned about this, but if they run water through a hose for any length of time, they can wind up with a good deal of water dripping down against the house and onto the foundation.


Sometimes homeowners decide they would rather just have a brand new faucet than keep struggling with one that was manufactured and installed in the 1950s. They know it will work more effectively and will be more attractive too, which can be a point of consideration for people who are particular about their home’s appearance. Repair and installation work can be done by companies like Bode’s Electric, which also provides plumbing service through Prodigy Plumbing.