If your steering bushings are going out, it’s best to replace them as soon as you can. While you’ve got a variety of materials available, a polyurethane bush is likely the best option. Most people fear that installing poly bushings is going to be a lot harder, but they can be easier to install because, many times, they press directly into the factory shell bushing. Once they are installed correctly, you will notice a significant and immediate difference in how your vehicle handles. Plus, you may notice that the car has some ‘looseness’ to it because the poly bushes reduce suspension slop.

Problem Solving Bushings offers a variety of innovative polyurethane bushings that are designed to be better-performing and give more durability than rubber and other materials. OEM rubber parts are three times less likely to last on the vehicle. Because the company offers high-quality products and stands behind them, you get a lifetime warranty on its products. The design of the bushings is much easier (and faster) to install, which means you’re back on the road and enjoy a smoother ride in no time. While many suppliers focus on performance or racing, PSB bushings are made for average cars but still gives you a superior quality upgrade bushing without costing too much.

Control arm bushings usually have a metal sleeve on the outside with polyurethane in the middle and an innermost metal sleeve. They’re essential for control and handling. The suspension system is controlled directly by them, which also controls vibrations and noise. Plus, you get a softer ride. The bushings are designed to move and flex while still being stiff and can return to original positions and shapes as needed. If your bushings are cracked, split, torn, or missing, it is essential that you get new ones and install them (or take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for installation).

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