When you have Been Hurt in a Construction Accident in Joliet, Illinois

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyers

You have been in a terrible accident at the construction site where you were working. Now you are in the hospital recuperating from a broken arm and a broken leg. You know this accident was the fault of bad safety equipment at the job site. If the safety harness you were wearing had not broken, you would not have fallen.

Everyone tells you that you should sue the company for whom you worked at this job site. Other workers also knew that the safety equipment was faulty, but you need the job. Now you have hospital bills, and you face weeks of lost pay.

You want to find a construction accident attorney in Joliet who is ready and willing to let you know if you have a case and then fight for your rights as the injured party.

When you see a construction accident attorney in Joliet, they may tell you to file a workman’s compensation case. You are looking for an attorney who is compassionate and understands your situation with the expertise of a lawyer who has been practicing this type of case for years. In the event that your case has to go to trial, you want a lawyer who has vast trial experience as well.

You want a firm that has gotten many large judgments for their clients and understands that this accident will cost you time away from work and perhaps pile up heavy medical bills.

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