Physical medicine is a field of practice that has as its goal the maximizing of a patient’s ability to function and regain independence after an injury or in response to a chronic physical impairment. This field includes rehabilitation medicine and focuses on aiding patients to regain quality of life after bones, muscles, and ligaments have been damaged. This damage is often the result of an acute injury. Specialists in the field, known as physiatrists, can also help their patients to recover from a variety of surgeries or to establish coping mechanisms to deal with a permanent disability or disfigurement.

In some cases, complete recovery is possible with treatment by a specialist in Physical Medicine in Sugar Land TX. Seeking the help of a specialist can aid patients in managing pain, learning appropriate exercises to encourage full rehabilitation, and coming up with routines and coping mechanisms to deal with the practical and social repercussions of prolonged recovery. Patients falling into this category often include those who have suffered physical harm due to car accidents, work or sports injuries, or planned surgeries. Often, with physical and rehabilitation medicine, these patients can see a total restoration to previous levels of physical functioning.

In those that are unable to regain full function, an emphasis is placed on optimizing the ability to perform daily tasks and improve the quality of life within the limitations of the patient’s disability or impairment. This can involve learning different ways to meet daily needs in addition to improving physical capabilities where appropriate.

With the help of a doctor, and often an entire team of other specialists, an individualized treatment program will be created that is tailored to each patient’s needs. The aim of this program will, of course, depend on the limitations required by the patient’s condition, but should include providing solutions for physical, medical, and emotional problems. This can include everything from specific rehabilitation therapies to offering advice on steps that can be taken to maximize patient safety and independence in the home.

Whether patients are recovering from an acute injury or surgery, suffering from a permanent disability, or looking to improve their ability to perform daily tasks and enjoy a higher quality of life, there is help available. Browse our website for more information about physical medicine in Sugar Land TX and its practitioners.