CBD products that are all-natural and one hundred percent pure are sweeping the nation. They are being used for everything from insomnia to cancer treatments. Regardless of what you want to use them for, you should know that products like
CBD Lean are often heavily (and naturally) flavored. There are reasons for this.

The Actual Taste of CBD Products Is Not for Everyone

Keep in mind that CBD oil is extracted from hemp. By itself, it has a funky and heavy plant flavor. It is not for everyone when taken by itself. When you want to use CBD products, but you do not like the taste or smell of CBD by itself, companies use a heaping helping of flavorings via natural extracts to make the CBD products more palatable to discerning customers.
Not Everyone Likes the Same Flavor

Variety is the spice of life, so the saying goes. CBD products are not just flavored one flavor; they are flavored many assorted flavors. For example,

CBD Lean products are flavored cherry, grape, berry, etc., with other natural flavors added to enhance the taste. You can try each flavor to find out what you like best and then buy your CBD products online in bulk.

The Type of Product May Dictate a Need for Flavoring

CBD products come in many forms. The oil is the most common, but there are also syrups, gummies, edible treats, etc. Each of these requires flavoring because the taste of CBD by itself can be stronger and more pronounced in certain forms. Flavoring diminishes the overpowering taste of straight CBD extracts.