Here in Baltimore County, MD State we do not get the crippling winters that freeze some parts of the country; nevertheless, our winter lows do regularly dip below freezing. Therefore, for our homes, offices and other indoor places, we really do need Heating Services In Baltimore County, MD.

Can We Be Both Warm & Environmentally Correct?

Strictly speaking, this would be hard to achieve; we have no active volcanoes that we can plug into and tap natural heat to warm us all up; so, the best we can aim for:-

  • is to be as energy efficient as possible when we are generating our heat;
  • to dispose of any exhaust gases in an eco-friendly manner;
  • to be as efficient as possible when we distribute that heat around any buildings to warm up the occupants and
  • to avoid wasting heat through losses to places that do not require heating.

Possibly the best way to achieve all of this might be to scrap all our individual heating systems and to purchase heat from district Heating Services For Baltimore County, MD. This would entail either setting up a large heating facility; or taking an existing one (such as a large thermal power plant) and converting it to provide district by district Heating Services to Baltimore County, MD.

Waste Heat Recovery

When electricity is generated using steam turbines, water is heated in boilers to make steam to feed into turbines that drive the actual electricity generators. The steam leaving the turbine is still at a considerably high temperature and is known as “waste heat”. In today’s power plants, significant efficiencies have been introduced to utilize this waste heat to pre-heat new input water and reduce energy requirements for the boiler furnaces. In a district heating service, it would be better to use the waste heat from (such as) a power plant to heat water and pump the hot water around the district in well insulated pipelines. Branch lines would then be fed into all buildings requiring Heating Services In Baltimore County, MD to provide hot water to such as radiant or underfloor heaters. Such a service is unlikely to see the light of day anytime soon.

In The Meantime, We Do The Best We Can

This means that the owner, manager or user of each building chooses which kind of heating system will be installed; how it will be operated and how it will be maintained and repaired. Some systems are more “green” than others; some of the installation and servicing contractors are more environmentally friendly than others. It is down to each of us to choose wisely and help the environment without shivering from the cold.