Many people lead busy lives, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to live in luxury, as well. If you’ve succeeded in your career and are now one of the top-dogs, you may want to consider living on the top floor, as well. West Village penthouses for sale make it easy to have that stature and luxury you’ve always dreamt of and worked hard to achieve.

More Private

While many people enjoy condo living because they have access to many people to chat with, some people still want their privacy. Depending on the penthouse and building, you may have a private elevator and will live above the usual din of condo buildings.

More Space

West Village penthouses for sale will also come with much more space. You’ll have better views of the town and will find a variety of exciting options. For example, you’ll probably have three to five bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, larger areas for living and dining, and a terrace, as well.

Perfect Location

If you want to be close enough to all the action and still live like a king or queen, a penthouse is the best choice for you. They are usually situated atop the most prominent buildings and are close to all the attractions, such as fine dining, cafes, retail therapy, and groceries.

More Luxury

While all condos focus on luxury accommodations for their residents, the penthouse area is always reserved for the best. Depending on the one you choose (if there are multiple available), you’ll get skylights, fireplaces, multiple levels, terraces, outdoor kitchens, roof decks, and many other exciting features that won’t be available to those on lower floors.

Access To Amenities

While you’ll have plenty of things to do in your own space, you’ll also have access to all the amenities of the building, such as spas, libraries, and much more. For more information visit The Shephard.