There is a big difference between cooking for a fast food restaurant and a food services company. Typical restaurants and local fast food places do not offer attractive wages or employee benefits. Working conditions are far from ideal, and these jobs are menial. However, when you decide to become a cook for a food management service, an entire world of opportunities opens up.

Working as a Team

Many professional food services company prepare meals for schools, universities, and corporations. When you sign up, you become part of a team of professionals. Today’s services don’t use a lot of canned or boxed ingredients. Everything is fresh and natural. This gives the cook a chance to express creativity as well as cooking talent.

Benefits of the Job

How would you like a free, nutritious meal every day? This benefit alone saves you a lot of money each week. Also, you never have to worry about what to have for lunch. Lunch is already taken care of.

Are you interested in being a chef or manager? Your food services company wants you to do well and encourages career training and continuing education. In fact, you receive tuition reimbursement to make your training affordable. Also, many companies have their own LMS (Learning Management Systems) for more training.


A typical cook job involves cooking and seasoning foods. You need to measure and weigh ingredients for recipes, operate ovens, broilers, and grills. Cooks must have a food handler’s card or ServSafe certificate.


You won’t need a great deal of training and experience to get started. However, you need to know the basics of commercial cooking. Your food services company wants people with positive attitudes and a passion for their work. You need personal communications skills and a good work record, to succeed. Before long, you’ll be in an exciting new line of work.