Increasingly, a cremation in Everett Wa is more likely than a traditional burial. It’s the same all over the country, really, and, for good reason.

In today’s society, few individuals stay in their birth cities like they used to. In fact, moving is a common occurrence with the average person, due to buying/renting a new home, new jobs, going off to college or change in one’s marital status, including marriage or divorce. Statistics released from the US Census Bureau indicate the average Joe American will actually move on 12 different occasions during his lifetime. Although the vast majority move within the same state, it still doesn’t make a great deal of sense to buy into a family plot when they may not live there in the future.

Significantly cheaper than burial, a cremation in Everett Wa is an enticing alternative for those who may be budget conscious. But more than budget, with the decline of organized religion and attendance at worship services, the pressure to feature a traditional Christian service has fallen, too. While these people may still be Christians, the need for a church funeral has been replaced by “Celebration of Life” ceremonies. These type of gatherings can be easily planned by members of the family at a very limited expense, with different members of the family or extended network of friends chipping in for flowers, sign-in book and food. It’s not that families are cheap, it’s just a viable alternative. When a family experiences a loss, everyone wants to help out any way they can. Chipping in on the celebration becomes a tangible way for them to help.

There becomes no need for an open casket and viewing or even a casket for that matter. The ashes can be buried in a cemetery if the family wishes, but in most cases, the less expensive options become sprinkling them in a place significant to the deceased, keeping them in an urn or sharing them with family members. All in all, cremation just makes more sense financially for most families, and relieves a great deal of the stress at a time when they shouldn’t have to worry about cash flow or finances.