If you didn’t get around to having your home furnace in Palatine checked before autumn arrives, don’t panic. The early autumn is still a great time to have a professional inspect and clean the furnace. Why is this a good time? Here are three reasons to keep in mind.

The Weather Is Not Too Cold Yet

While there may be a slight nip in the air, you really haven’t started using the furnace yet. A professional can check the furnace as well as the duct system with ease and ensure everything is ready before things get cold. For now, it may still be warm enough to have the windows open while the inspection is underway.

There’s Time to Resolve Safety Issues

One of the main points of an inspection is to ensure the furnace is safe to operate. While it may have been working properly when you used it last, don’t take any chances. A professional will go over every aspect of the furnace in Palatine and ensure there are no leaks or worn parts that need to be replaced. If some work is needed, there’s still time to order the parts and make the repairs before things get cold.

Time to Check the Efficiency

An inspection also allows you to find out how energy-efficient the furnace in Palatine is. This is important because it allows you to anticipate the type of heating bills you will face during the coming winter. If there is anything that can be done to improve the efficiency, that can still be done before winter arrives.

Have you had a professional check your home furnace this year? If not, today is the day to contact the team at Five Star Heating & Air, Inc for a full inspection and cleaning. You can also visit our website to learn more about what we can do to keep your furnace in top working condition. Rest assured that after we’re done, you can look forward to a winter of feeling warm and cozy no matter what the weather’s like.