Why Environmental Experts Should Perform a Mold Inspection in Salinas, CA

by | Jun 17, 2015 | Home Improvement

It is very common for mold to grow quickly after a flood, plumbing backup, or other catastrophe. However, the problem can be caused by something as simple as an undetected leaking pipe, foundation cracks, or even an overflowing washer. The fungus is a health hazard and should always be removed by certified experts like Property Restoration Services. In addition to providing a thorough Mold Inspection in Salinas CA, these specialists offer each customer fungus removal and complete repair services.

Experts Offer Emergency Inspections

Restoration professionals offer 24/7 service and will often arrive within an hour of being called. They provide an emergency Mold Inspection in Salinas CA because the fungus can spread very quickly after a disaster. It will soon begin to damage health and property. Inspectors begin by evaluating standing water, identifying hazards, and safely removing liquids. They typically use truck-mounted equipment capable of withdrawing gallons of water in a minute. Special teams clean and sanitize surfaces, evaluate damages, and search for mold.

Professionals Create Custom Mold Removal Treatments

Technicians understand the various types of mold, where they are likely to grow, and how they multiply. Their experience allows them to find every source of the fungus in attics, basements, interiors, crawl spaces, and other areas. Once all growths are located, teams contain damage to the smallest area possible. Depending on the problem’s severity, customers may have to leave during treatments. Technicians eliminate all growths, treat surfaces, and provide damage reports.

Repair Personnel Restore Damaged Property

Water damage experts are also restoration professionals. As a result, they can save many items that have been severely damaged by water and mold. Some companies begin with pack-out services which include moving salvageable items to storage areas for further restoration. Businesses may complete home repairs themselves or contract them out to reliable third-party vendors. These experts are often used to clean, repair, and restore art, musical instruments, carpets, and other valuables. Restoration companies typically work closely with clients’ insurance providers.

Expert mold remediation is critical after any water damage, since the fungus can harm property and health. As a result, environmental specialists who offer mold removal services provide emergency response, quick water removal, and mold remediation. They can also restore homes and property to pre-disaster condition.

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