More healthcare facilities and practices are choosing to add more diagnostic medical equipment to their current list of available patient care services. PET scans are an important part of cardiac care. However, these bulky medical machines take up a lot of space and require expensive maintenance to remain in good operational condition. Learn why more healthcare facilities are considering the use of mobile PET scanners instead.

Leave the Maintenance & Repair Jobs to Other Professionals

Smaller doctor practices, healthcare facilities, and walk-in clinics have limited staff and space. These medical practices often must send their patients out for more testing, as this testing is usually not available in smaller facilities. Why not leave the time-consuming, expensive, and complex repair jobs to other professionals that have the knowledge, skill, and resources to complete this work faster and better?

Why a Simple Mobile PET Scanner Might Be Your Testing Solution

When a medical practice decides to make use of a convenient and space-saving PET scanner that is compact and mobile, the doctors discover how simple and practical this testing solution truly can be. The office needs only to schedule the service ahead of time, and the equipment will arrive on schedule at the appropriate agreed upon time.

Reasons to Think About Including PET Scanning to Your Services

PET scans have been diagnosing heart disease and other problems for some time now. This diagnostic testing procedure is designed to pick up on cardiac/heart related issues sooner. Contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc.