The responsibility for an accident usually falls on the drivers of cars and motorcycles who are not paying attention or are in a hurry. They do not respect crosswalks or traffic lights and will travel at speeds in excess of those permitted. According to statistics, the elderly and children are often the victims. In 95% of cases, the victims are entitled to compensation, especially with the help of Auto Accident Lawyers in McHenry.

Common injuries are to the hips or legs and can include sprains and fractures in extremities. Even passengers of public transportation can get compensation. Whether it is a bus, subway, or taxi, the passenger is always a victim, and he or she is entitled to compensation for injury or damage; except in those cases where police can demonstrate negligent or reckless conduct by the passenger.

Reading these tips will help you favorably cope when you have an accident. It will also help you claim compensation for an injury, property damage or other damages suffered. Call the police or report the facts and, if the other party accepts no responsibility for the accident, make sure you locate witnesses.

Always go to an emergency room, no matter how many days have passed, request medical records, and demand they list all present injuries caused by the accident. Although they may be considered unimportant today, later on, they may be aggravated. Make sure you list everything including minor injuries like small scars, dental fractures, and pains that are overshadowed by more serious injuries. Memorize everything that happened and write down a summary of the accident (dates, directions, witnesses involved, registration information, etc.).

Do not sign any document without agreeing to everything it says., Speak to Auto Accident Lawyers in McHenry if you do not clearly understand or you are confused. Do not let a doctor from the insurance company evaluate you; they have no right to do so at this point. Forensics must be independent to ensure a fair assessment.