Trees used for landscaping are often chosen for their beautiful appearance. Homeowners need to know when to prune a tree in order to maintain that beautiful appearance. Pruning a tree when it is not ready will destroy the aesthetic beauty of the tree, while not pruning the tree could damage it beyond repair.

The following is a brief overview of when a tree may need to be pruned.

Removing Storm Damage or Diseased Sections of the Tree

Occasionally, a tree will become exposed to a disease that will cause it to need pruning. Pruning is required to remove the diseased sections and prevent it from spreading. Many diseases, such as tree rot, can spread if left untreated.

In addition to a disease, a tree may need to be pruned by a professional tree pruningi in Middleburg FL if it has experienced damage from a storm. Storm damage can turn a safe, normal tree into a potentially dangerous situation. It is important to prune storm damaged branches and sections of the tree, as it will prevent them from falling and hurting other’s property.

A professional Tree Pruning in Middleburg FL will have the experience to know when a storm damaged or diseased tree needs to be pruned. The professionals at the company will be able to diagnosis the problem and know just how much pruning is required to prevent the disease from spreading or to remove the damage caused by a storm.

Reduce the Height of a Tree

One of the most common reasons for hiring a tree pruning Middleburg FL company is to reduce the height of a tree. Trees will just keep growing up and outward if they are not trimmed. Pruning can help reduce the height of a tree by taking down some of the sections that are starting to grow.

Similar to reducing the height of a tree, professional tree pruning Middleburg FL companies are often called upon to help remove lower branches that are obstructing a homeowner’s view. The company will remove or cut back branches that are considered ‘obstructing’ the view of the homeowner or neighbor.

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