Why It Is Smart To Buy A Used Car

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Automotive

When you buy a new car you are facing rapid depreciation that can often be thousands of dollars over a few short years. Many car buyers are starting to realize that they can eliminate this unnecessary expense by buying a relatively new, but still used, car. There are many Ford used cars in Wheeling that are only a couple of years old and have less than 30,000 miles on the odometer. When you buy a high quality, low mileage used car you can save a considerable amount of money without having to sacrifice quality.

There are a couple of valid reasons for buying a used car that is in like-new condition:

Lower price:

  • Some things never change; the fact that a new car loses thousands of dollars in value within a few short months is one of them. All you have to do is look at real numbers. The average price of a new car is close to 26 thousand dollars not including tax and fees. A couple of years later, the same car is worth only half that amount.
  • Even a two-year old car will continue to depreciate but it does so much slower and you avoid the big-hit that a brand new car takes.

Reduce the cost of insurance:

  • The main factor in determining the cost of car insurance is the value of the vehicle. Ford used cars in Wheeling have less value than a brand new car; the result is a lower insurance premium. Although you would want to keep collision coverage on a two-year-old car, as it ages a couple of more years, that coverage can be dropped.

It was not too many years ago when buying a used car was a “crap-shoot,” this is really no longer the case. Today, cars are built far better, using better materials and better technology. Ford used cars in Wheeling are simply better vehicles than they were and they last longer with fewer problems.

When you are looking for Ford used cars in Wheeling you will find an excellent selection of low mileage used and certified pre-owned vehicles at Arlington Heights Ford.

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